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OPUVIA ACADEMY in conjunction with SYNERGY University Russia, are running accelerated learning programmes (degree apprenticeships, masterclasses and foundation year courses) and we are a perfect place to learn new skills with a range of new career and employment opportunities to suit candidates with different backgrounds, qualifications and career aspirations. Our apprenticeship and training schemes are aimed at people who have a passion for learning new skills and who want to start a career now – possibly as an alternative to continuing in traditional education or in order to retrain in a new direction. We partner with traditional educators and leading companies to close the skills gap that is leaving graduate jobs unfilled and more than 85% of graduates under-employed.
Our Operations, Academic, Learning and Student Experience teams are crucial to ensuring that we continue to deliver and innovate for students. We have big plans and want to continue to develop, promote and launch the best talent. Our immersive, in-person learning and development programs combine work experience-based training with cohort-based workshops and seminars. We equip students and graduates with the skills, experience and links to employers necessary to launch successful careers in today’s competitive and evolving employment landscape.
OPUVIA ACADEMY creates globally-engaged, career ready students. Upon graduation, alumni get hired three-times faster and earn 30 percent more than their peers. You will need to be committed to your own development and be prepared to make the most of the opportunities given to you. A desire to succeed and make the most of the hands on experience and qualifications on offer to you is essential. After graduating from our apprenticeship and traineeship programs for, you’ll be qualified to apply to join your host company permanently in any of a number of different roles as you embark on an exciting career.

Our Vision and Mission

At the OPUVIA ACADEMY we are committed to providing our apprentices, trainees and foundation year students with lasting and successful studies and training for job in this technology-driven information age. As a state-accredited education and career service organization under private ownership, we promote especially independent entrepreneurial-creative thinking and innovating skills. We provide the relevant specialist, decision-making and social skills through modern pedagogical concepts in flexible study programmes. As a cosmopolitan, world-class Academy, we cultivate both local and global perspectives and actively promote international mobility of our learners.
We pursue respectful interpersonal relationships that motivate our students and employees to contribute to the shaping and further development of the academy and each individual. At each study location we cultivate a personal atmosphere by individually addressing and actively accompanying the unique strengths, life situations and development paths of our learners.
We execute our educational mission with equal responsibility towards both the professional and social requirements demanded of us. Ultimately, our academy sees itself as an inviting platform for imparting knowledge and research in the process of guiding our learners to become independent, responsible and successful personalities.


Our industry specialist tutors are assigned to a learner upon enrollment based on their learning requirements, course and location. Our courses are delivered through a combination of face-to-face tuition at the learner’s place of work and virtual learning via online sessions. Some of our courses also include classroom delivery and group training. For more information on the delivery method for each course, please refer to https://academy.opuvia.com/apprenticeship-programmes/.


As part of every apprenticeship course, learners are required to spend 20% of their contracted working hours undertaking off-the-job training. Off-the-job training is training that is outside of usual workplace duties, but it may still be conducted at your place of work. All time spent studying will be recorded within your personal training diary and your progress will be frequently monitored to ensure you are on track. The time you will need to spend studying is calculated using the following formula:

Total hours required = (contracted working hours per week x programme duration (in weeks)) x 0.2

Here’s an example:

Contracted hours per week:


Weeks within programme:


Total study time:

416 hours

Average study time per week:

8 hours

Feedback & Reviews

I am receiving endless support from all the staff at OPUVIA LTD towards my master’s degree apprenticeship in business administration and translation which is definitely the best part of my education in OPUVIA ACADEMY.



Administrative Assistant Apprentice

Working with OPUVIA LTD has been helpful for me. I’ve had the help of some great personal advisors, they’ve helped me get on track with things like keeping up my professionalism in the workplace and helping me keep up with coursework at the University.

ITA Anangafac

Content Manager & PR Apprentice

Being out of education for 3 years, enrolling for a master’s degree apprenticeship in marketing and sales at OPUVIA ACADEMY is just what I need to gain the confidence that I can actually do it and to push further. “


Mariette NDUKONG

Marketing & Sales Apprentice

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