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Are You Still Under Misconception?

Only For School Leavers?

Degree Apprenticeships are available to people at all stages in their career, from school leavers and graduates to management and C-suite professionals.

No Pay

While the apprentice training wage is at the discretion of the host employer, we only work with employers that provide training wages of at least the minimum wages of African Countries.

Poor Qualifications

Most apprenticeships include at least one industry-recognized qualification. We partner with full fledged universities abroad to deliver and award our bachelor's and master's degrees.

For Manual Jobs

Nearly every career offers an apprenticeship route, from digital and creative to teaching and law. Our degree apprenticeship programs cut across all the light and heavy industries in Africa.


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Ensuring equal opportunities

We are proud of the excellent mix we have in terms of ethnicity, social background and gender, which means you can be sure a young person applying to us will be judged solely on merit, and will be part of a rich and diverse group of young people starting their careers together. We try and keep our qualification requirements to a minimum and look for passion and commitment from our candidates as opposed to experience.

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