Become A Host Family

Are you interested in hosting an international student and make them part of your family? Do you wonder how you can improve your family, community or the world? YES? Become an OPUVIA host family and share your home with an exchange student.

Why Should We Host?

Hosting an exchange student comes along with huge benefits:

You get to learn about  another culture, their way of life and beliefs thereby promoting cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

You contribute in nursing a generation of proactive youths with great resilience skills

Your children will learn what it means to share their space with an international student and exchange knowledge on several areas/domains of life. They will learn to have an open-mind and accept differences.

Your kids will be allowed to partake in the summer Resilience program activities, together with the exchange students, hence building resilience skills in them.

More than guests, these students become part of your family and you in turn will have a family from across the globe thanks to the long lasting relationship that will be built.

How Does it Work?

Students and host families apply for the OPUVIA SUMMER PROGRAM and the selection process begins. Our International education experts carefully read through the applications and do a match with students we think will be perfect for a particular host family based on the information and essays on the applications.

Students and host families go through a training, which consist of meetings with our international exchange education experts in preparation for the summer exchange experience.

How Can We Host? We Have Never Lived With A Foreigner Before?

No worries, if you’ve never hosted before, this is the perfect opportunity to have an amazing learning an exchange experience.  Remember, the exchange student becomes a part of your family and you will be expected to treat them like your own kids, assign them chores and take them to the farm irrespective of race, religion, gender or social class for the experience to be effective. Moreover our local coordinators and experts are here for you. Feel free to contact them any time.

Do We Get Paid For Hosting?

The long lasting relationships, the cultural exchange, the open-minded mentality your kids will develop etc through this unique program are priceless. Host families volunteer to host exchange students and enjoy the benefits that come along with it as well as contribute in creating the next generation of leaders.

What if it Doesn’t Work Out?

As earlier said, our local coordinators are here for you. Misunderstandings may arise and International exchange education experts are there to find solutions. You (and your kids) will learn the stages of effective communication and problem solving if a problem arises, which are some of the 21st Century skills every individual must have to thrive.

Can We Select The Student We Want?

Our experts understand the importance of exchange and master the subject, they will do their best to select the best possible match for your family. Not knowing who will be paired up with you till the final stage makes it even more exciting and adventurous.

Where Do Students Come From?

Our exchange students will be coming from Europe, America and Africa.

Hosting an exchange student doesn’t take anything fancy, just a warm, welcoming spirit and the love you’d give to your own family.

Are you all set? Click HERE and fill in our Host Family APPLICATION Form and our local coordinators will get in touch with you. You can also download our HOST FAMILY HANDBOOK HERE.

If you wish to talk with us or if you have any more questions, feel free to contact us:

TELEPHONE: +237 676235632


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